The Cucumber


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Containing 9 of our freezable pods of Arabica Coffee, The Cucumber is perfect as a taster or for our iced coffee lovers who just like to enjoy the occasional treat!

Our pods are made from Rainforest Alliance Arabica coffee and are modestly sweetened with a Fairtrade sugar syrup to give you a delicious, no-nonsense, iced coffee with added convenience and flexibility! Also, our pods are made from 50-80% recycled plastics and can be onward recycled with a quick rinse 🙂

Shelf-life: Recommended use by is 3 months when stored frozen.

Nutritional Info: With 222mls of water: Energy, (kcal): 20.0 Energy, (kj): 83.7 Carbohydrates, (g): 5.0 of which sugars, (g): 5.0 Fat, (g): 0.0 of which saturated, (g): 0.0 Protein, (g): 0.0 Salt, (g): 0.0 Ingredients: (9 x 28g): Water, Cane Sugar 17.8%, Arabica Coffee 6.4%, Cucumis Satavis (Trace).